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    • Rhythm Tech Rhythm Tech MGT Mountable Gig Tray
    • Rhythm Tech MGT Mountable Gig Tray

      The Mountable Gig Tray a/k/a MGT is a clamp-on percussion tray which attaches to any stand in your set-up. Made of tough powder-coated steel and measuring 13 1/2" wide x 7 1/2" deep, the MGT has a soft, silent, no-slip Neoprene surface which keeps noise d

    • Rhythm Tech Rhythm Tech Canz - Red Hot Salsa - Red
    • Rhythm Tech Canz - Red Hot Salsa - Red

      These distinctive sounding metal shakers contain our special blend of fill and the unique sounds of household type cans. These pro instruments are perfect for playing Rock, Jazz, and Latin. CANZ come in three flavors of sound: Light And Zesty Green, Smoky

    • Rhythm Tech Rhythm Tech Cha-Cha Bell
    • Rhythm Tech Cha-Cha Bell

      The Cha Cha Bell is mountable on a drum or timbale set and equipped with a unique side-mount which allows it to be played on both ends.

    • LP LP Aspire Universal Basket Conga Stand
    • LP Aspire Universal Basket Conga Stand

      Adjusts to fit all LP Aspire Congas, wood or fiberglass<br><br><b>Features:</b><br>• Easy to assemble, lightweight and fully adjustable<br>• Steel construction with black powder coated finish

    • LP LP Aspire Trap Table
    • LP Aspire Trap Table

      Great for band and orchestral percussionists<br><br><b>Features:</b><br>• Large 22" W x 16 D is rubber padded to ensure quiet instrument handling<br>• Raised border keeps instruments from rolling off the edge<br>• Sturdy, chrome-plated stand is height

    • LP LP Giovanni Series Prestige Timbales, Bronze
    • LP Giovanni Series Prestige Timbales, Bronze

      Giovanni Hidalgo has played a major role in shaping the way the world thinks about hand drumming, and has played LP exclusively for his entire career. Giovanni replicates sounds with his hands that drummers normally make with sticks. Ambidextrous, with fa

    • LP LP Rock Shaker, Gold
    • LP Rock Shaker, Gold

      The LP Rock Shaker is designed to cut through live music with impact. The metallic shaker delivers a loud, vibrant sound and has a removable fill cap allowing the player to adjust the fill level and fill type for a truly custom sound.<br><br><b>Features:<

    • LP LP Deluxe Bongo Cowbell, Chrome
    • LP Deluxe Bongo Cowbell, Chrome

      LP Cowbells are handmade in the USA and crafted from premium quality steel with specially developed tooling. Every LP Cowbell is hand inspected to check the consistency of metal thickness, the durability of construction and the precise position of welds.

    • Pearl Pearl Rattler Clamp
    • Pearl Rattler Clamp

      The rattler is a vital component to any concert percussionist's equipment, and this is the clamp that will hold it in place. Clamp only, no rattler included.

    • Gon Bops Gon Bops Mariano Quinto 10.75
    • Gon Bops Mariano Quinto 10.75

      Gon Bops founder Mariano Bobadilla built only one line of drums special enough to carry his name. Today, we are proud to offer a modern version of these legendary instruments. Their vintage character has been preserved using traditional counter hoops, Gon

    • Pearl Pearl Travel Cajon
    • Pearl Travel Cajon

      This portable Cajon is packed with “full size” features and sound that like the Travel Conga will fool most ears into believing it is the real thing. The 12” wood playing surface resonates the 6 _” shell with a solid bottom and sound port that is large e

    • Meinl Meinl Hand Model 6.5 Hand Brushed Steel Finish Bell
    • Meinl Hand Model 6.5 Hand Brushed Steel Finish Bell

      These cowbells easily cut through any high volume environment and are comfortable to hold due to their handy shape.<br><br><b>Features:</b><br>• Special steel alloy

    • LP LP 8 Bongo Head For LPA601
    • LP 8 Bongo Head For LPA601

      8" Rawhide Bongo Replacement head for large bongo head on a Caliente Bongo Set.

    • Tama Tama Jingle Ring
    • Tama Jingle Ring

      The Jingle ring is a new mountable tambourine that can be mounted on a hi-hat stand or independently. Featuring 9 pairs of nickel jingles, it has a bright and clear sound. Its eyebolt style clamp prevents slippage while playing, and allows mounting of the

      $33.95 $29.99
    • LP LP Aspire Bongos Siam Walnut
    • LP Aspire Bongos Siam Walnut

      Drums are made from uniquely beautiful Jamjuree wood. Sometimes called Siam Walnut, Jamjuree is 15% lighter in weight than Siam Oak, yet still delivers stunning tone and resonance. Ideal for students, hobbyists and aspiring musicians. They provide great v


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