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    • LP LP Compact Bongo Stand Base
    • LP Compact Bongo Stand Base

      Designed specially for use with Compact Bongo mounting post (included with Compact Bongos). It’s fully height adjustable<br><br><b>Features:</b><br>• Chrome plated steel construction<br>• Double braced legs with large rubber feet for stability

    • LP LP Percussion Table w/ Bag
    • LP Percussion Table w/ Bag

      The ideal percussionist's work station for live and studio performances. Keep all of you hand percussion items organized and immediately ready for use.<br><br><b>Features:</b><br>• 22"W x 19" D, height adjustable<br>• Rubber-cushioned surface safely hol

    • LP LP Claw For Microphone
    • LP Claw For Microphone

      The LP Mic Claw ensures secure placement of microphones on snare drums, toms and congas.<br><br><b>Features:</b><br>• Includes Claw body and microphone z-rod

    • Meinl Meinl Cabasa Holder
    • Meinl Cabasa Holder

      This unique attachment holds the cabasa safe and ready to use. The padded surface prevents it from slipping.<br><br><b>Features:</b><br>• Chrome plated steel<br>• Strong mounting clamp<br>• Padded surface against rattling

      $25.99 $24.99
    • Rhythm Tech Rhythm Tech MGTX (Mountable Gig Tray - Extension)
    • Rhythm Tech MGTX (Mountable Gig Tray - Extension)

      Just right for those players needing to add more surface area to their Mountable Gig Tray. The MGT-X is easily attached to either side of the MGT. Measures 7" x 7", increasing table space of the MGT by 50%.

    • Rhythm Tech Rhythm Tech ProMount
    • Rhythm Tech ProMount

      Not only do they look cool, but the holes in the corners of the Pro Tambourine are there so it can easily slip onto the new ProMount. The mount will fit onto a DSM2 or a DSM Quad Mount, (or any other device that attaches to a stand and accepts a standard

    • LP LP Cowbell Posts for LP372
    • LP Cowbell Posts for LP372

      Straight 3/8" mounting rod set, set of six<br><br><b>Features:</b><br>• Chrome-plated steel with knurled finish for extra-secure grip<br>• Can be used with various LP mounts and brackets and LP Everything Racks

    • LP LP Lugger Bracket
    • LP Lugger Bracket

      Holds tight to snare drum lugs, timbales, and tomer for mounting small percussion instruments<br><br><b>Features:</b><br>• Chrome-plated steel construction<br>• Great for set drummers as well as drum corps players

    • Meinl Meinl Percussion Table Stand
    • Meinl Percussion Table Stand

      The MEINL Percussion Table Stand offers enough room for all common hand percussion instruments. It is fully height adjustable and has a fabric anti-slip surface.<br><br><b>Features:</b><br>• Table: Premium fiberglass<br>• Stand: Chrome plated steel<br>•

    • LP LP Afuche/Cabasa Holder
    • LP Afuche/Cabasa Holder

      Fits standard model LP Afuche/Cabasas (LP234A)

    • Meinl Meinl Pedal Mount
    • Meinl Pedal Mount

      The MEINL Pedal Mount fits on all common bass drum pedals and firmly holds cowbells, blocks, or tambourines. It is height adjustable and contains metal spikes attached to the bottom of the legs, holding the entire unit in place without movement.<br><br><b

    • Gon Bops Gon Bops Low Bongo Stand, Seated
    • Gon Bops Low Bongo Stand, Seated

      Designed to be the ultimate in percussion hardware, our Gon Bops 3-Series Low Bongo Stand is a rock-solid stand bristling with innovative features. Series 3 Hardware is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding professional musician.

      $154.99 $149.00
    • TreeWorks TreeWorks Chime Mounting Clamp
    • TreeWorks Chime Mounting Clamp

      This quality chime mounting bracket / clamp is designed to be used with all TreeWorks Chimes as well as other manufactures' chimes<br><br><b>Features:</b><br>• Super rigid laser cut steel Durable Black Powder Coat finish <br>• Attaches chimes to any tubul

    • Pearl Pearl 12"x12" Percussion Trap Table with Multi-Clamp
    • Pearl 12"x12" Percussion Trap Table with Multi-Clamp

      This accessory/trap table measures 12"x12" and includes a multi-clamp that will attach to almost any stand.<font color="white">t@bles</font>

    • LP LP Mini Everything Rack
    • LP Mini Everything Rack

      The LP Mini Everything Rack is a compact percussion rack with two mounting locations. It's an excellent way to add percussion instruments to any drum kit or mount within reach of vocalists or other musicians.<br><br><b>Features:</b><br>• 7" length, chrom

    • LP LP Table Extension Wing For LP760A
    • LP Table Extension Wing For LP760A

      Extends the table top size of the LP Percussion Table<br><br><b>Features:</b><br>• 12" W x 19" D<br>• Can be mounted on either side or both sides of table


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