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    • Rhythm Tech Rhythm Tech Lens Drum
    • Rhythm Tech Lens Drum

      The Lens Drum is a single drum with sound bars crossing its diameter. Like much of the Pete Engelhart line, it's sound is hard to describe - sort of a cross between a steel drum, brake drum and bell.<br><br>An excellent accessory to the drum set. It's eas

    • LP LP Vibra-Slap II Metal Chamber
    • LP Vibra-Slap II Metal Chamber

      The LP Vibra-Slap was the first of numerous patents granted to Latin Percussion. It has appeared in more recordings, soundtracks, and advertisements than any sound effect ever made. The Vibra-Slap was conceived as a durable replacement for the original de

    •  Mid-East Tik Tok Clapper
    • Mid-East Tik Tok Clapper

      Approx. 7 1/2" long. A metal bar slides back and forth ticking and tocking off the insides of this wooden handheld instrument.

    • Meinl Meinl Galaxy
    • Meinl Galaxy

      Meinl Galaxy

    • LP LP Crystal Rainmaker
    • LP Crystal Rainmaker

      Create the sound of falling rain with the LP Crystal Rainstick. Inverting the stick allows fill material to cascade over internal tree steps.<br><br><b>Features:</b><br>• The greater the incline, the greater the "downpour"<br>• 40-inch high-strength, tr

    • Pearl Pearl Folkloric Traditional Guataca
    • Pearl Folkloric Traditional Guataca

      The Guataca, based off a gardening hoe, has scalloped edges for scarping with the included metal striker. The Guataca features a built-in mounting bracket that fits standard 3/8” posts for great metallic effects that will complement any percussion set or

    • Toca Toca 24 Bamboo Rainstick
    • Toca 24 Bamboo Rainstick

      Resembles sound of falling rain<br><br><b>Features:</b><br>• Made of Bamboo<br>• Beautifully hand applied artwork<br>• 24" length

    • LP LP Vibra-Tone Std. Black
    • LP Vibra-Tone Std. Black

      This tubular-like instrument delivers smooth, bell-like, metallic tones with incredible sustain.<br><br><b>Features:</b><br>• Made of anodized aluminum with a sound hole that can be covered and uncovered to create a "wah-wah" effect<br>• Rubber mallet i

    • Meinl Meinl Cajita Natural
    • Meinl Cajita Natural

      The MEINL Cajita is developed from the classic Peruvian folk instrument. It hangs from the neck and is played with a wooden striker in one hand. The other hand controls the handle on the lid, opening and closing to create a wide variety of sounds, effects

    • LP LP Ching Chok
    • LP Ching Chok

      Each end of the LP Ching Chok carries a pair of hardwood balls that are supported by spring steel and are struck against the rosewood chamber.<br><br><b>Features:</b><br>• Shake it back and forth for a high-pitched rattle<br>• Perfect dramatic fill that

    • TreeWorks TreeWorks Finger Cymbal Tree
    • TreeWorks Finger Cymbal Tree

      <b>Features:</b><br>• 7 vertical finger cymbals <br>• Sand cast bronze with 8-inch professional stainless steel beater. <br>• Built in clamping system allows the Finger Cymbal Tree to be clamped to any cymbal stand. No extra mount necessary. <br>• Made in

    • Meinl Meinl The Roar, Black
    • Meinl The Roar, Black

      A rattling effect is achieved by striking the ball end against the palm of the hand.<br><br><b>Features:</b><br>• Wood<br>• Rattling sustain

    •  Mid-East Devil Chasers, Pair
    • Mid-East Devil Chasers, Pair

      Natural cracks will develop in the bamboo. This only adds to the awesome buzzing sound. They are made in the northern Indian State of Uttar Pradesh. Also known as Buzz sticks, these split bamboo sticks were traditionally use in the Philippine Islands. The

    • Pearl Pearl Rattler Clamp
    • Pearl Rattler Clamp

      The rattler is a vital component to any concert percussionist's equipment, and this is the clamp that will hold it in place. Clamp only, no rattler included.


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