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Toca Jingle Shake Black

Let’s face it, people love gadgets. They especially love gadgets that do different things; and they really love gadgets that they can take apart, fiddle with, and put back together. Percussionists are no exception. They just have a particular fondness for gadgets that create sounds (although they usually call them toys ). They always appreciate originality when it comes to ideas for those sounds. With that in mind, percussionists are sure to flip over toca's new jingle shake. This compact new instrument combines a tambourine and a shaker in one easy-to-hold package. Top and bottom 4-1⁄4 inches-diameter wooden disks are separated by a 1-5⁄8 inches tall plastic frame that holds four sets of nickel-plated tambourine jingles. Between the disks sits a small shaker cylinder about the size and shape of an old-fashioned 35mm film container. The jingle shake is capable of producing a wide variety of sounds, simply by means of how the player holds and moves it. Shake it up and down and it sounds like a tambourine, with some added high and dry tones contributed by the shaker. Shake it from side to side and it sounds like a small shaker, with just the slightest amount of metallic sustain contributed by the jingles. Additional effects can be created by squeezing the shaker container or muting the tambourine jingles with the fingers. But let’s not forget the gadget factor. That factor gives the jingle shake additional sonic flexibility. To begin with, the shaker container can be completely removed from the tambourine frame, allowing the tambourine and the shaker to be played separately. In addition, the shaker container has a removable screw top that allows the player to adjust the type and amount of fill. This is sure to appeal to percussionists who love to fine tune the sound of their toys.

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  • Code TCTJS-BK
  • EAN 736021198593
  • SKU 736021198593
  • Weight 453
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