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USED Yamaha Rick Marotta 4pc Shell Pack, Cherry Wood, 2000s, Made In Japan

Early 2000s Made in Japan Rick Marotta Hip Gig kit is in excellent players condition. The drums are in truly excellent condition with just a few scuffs on the drums as expected for a kit that has been well cared for but actually played. This is a nesting kit meaning that the toms and snare drum fit into the 2 piece bass drum for easy 1 case travel. This kit originally included a matching canister throne that doubled as a hardware case but that piece is not included in this sale.

This kit includes:

  • 6x18 abd 7x13 Rack Toms
  • 21.5x16 Bass Drum
  • 5x12 Snare Drum
  • Single Tom Arms (2)
  • Triple Hole Mount (BD Mounted) with 1 Tom Arm, 1 Cymbal Arm and an additional receiver for an additional instrument arm
  • 1 Soft Bass Drum Bag - It's pretty road worn but it does the trick