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USED Yamaha Recording Custom 6pc Shell Pack, Cherry Wood, 1990s, Made In Japan

Early 2000s Made in Japan Recording Custom kit is in excellent players condition. The drums are in truly excellent condition with just a few scuffs on the drums as expected for a kit that has been well cared for but actually played. The kit is shown with 1 tom arm missing but that arm will be included in the sale do that no additional mounting hardware will be required. 

  • Anomalies: some of the hardware is a little rough. It all functions well but:
    • For some reason the left spur (from the players perspective) is actually a right side leg. It functions perfectly but it's obvious from a visual perspective
    • Some of the tom arms show evidence of over-tightening. We have checked to make sure that everything holds tight but some of the tuves have been mercilessly clamped and dented. 

This kit includes:
  • 8x8, 9x10, 10x12, 12x14, 14x16 Rack Toms
  • 17x22 Bass Drum
  • Double Tom Stand
  • Single Tom Stand
  • Double Tom Mount (BD Mounted)

Full set of Humes and Berg Enduro Cases for an additional $200