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USED DW 5000 Single Pedal, 1980s

This is a cool transitional era for the 5000 single pedal. It still has it's radius rod from the pre baseplate era with the footboard and heel anchored to the baseplate with a single screw and and the bolted on anchor block. The rest of the pedal possesses all of the "Camco" attributes that led to the production pedal. As far as we can tell, all parts are original with the exception of the heel hinge. The original was pretty well seized so that has been replaced with the more modern 3000/7000 hinge. The pedal works beautifully and no mods have been made so if an original era hinge was found, it could be installed without issue. 

  • DWCP5000
  • Transition era includes radius rod and full base plate
  • Lots of cool Camco crossover features
  • All original except for the hinge