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Trick SB1 Laser Triggers for Dominator Double or Dual Single Pedals

Double or Dual Single Triggers for Dominator Pedals. Advanced laser technology is deployed to monitor motion and velocity. When the motion and velocity abruptly stop (the beater hitting the drum head or pad) on the forward stroke, a trigger signal is sent to the drum brain. - Accurate to 1.5 milliseconds - No false triggers or crosstalk Universal Power Supply is included. Only Fits Dominator Pedals. Pro1-V Item Numbers are P1VSB1-1 and P1VSB1-2.

Trick SB1 Laser Triggers for Dominator Double or Dual Single Pedals

Discover the innovative Trick SB1 Laser Triggers designed to elevate your drumming experience when using Dominator Series double or dual single pedals.

Precision and Consistency

Engineered with a laser-trigger mechanism, the SB1 Laser Triggers deliver unparalleled precision and consistency. Every pedal stroke is detected with remarkable accuracy, making them ideal for situations demanding tight timing and responsiveness, such as electronic drumming setups or hybrid configurations.

Optimized Compatibility

Designed exclusively for use with Trick Dominator Series pedals, these triggers offer seamless integration and optimized performance, ensuring a cohesive drumming experience.

Minimized Crosstalk

Benefit from reduced crosstalk thanks to the laser-trigger design. This minimizes unintended triggering of neighboring triggers caused by vibrations, resulting in cleaner and more accurate performance.

Customizable Configuration

Adjust trigger settings to match your playing style and preferences. Fine-tune sensitivity, threshold, and more, enabling you to customize your drumming experience.

Hybrid Drumming Possibilities

Explore the realm of hybrid drumming by seamlessly integrating electronic elements into your acoustic setup. The SB1 Laser Triggers empower you to combine the best of both worlds, expanding your creative potential.