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Trick Pro1-V BigFoot Black Widow Double

***Trick Black Widow Double In Stock and Ready To Ship Now, While Supplies Last!***

Trick re-invented the kick drum pedal with the Pro1-V. With its sleek design, it is the smoothest, most responsive pedal available. Trick starts with solid billets machined to aerospace quality tolerances and integrates features such as compression spring technology, ball bearings on every moving point, laser etched logos and adjustment scale. The spring loaded hoop mount allows for quick and easy mounting to the drum, and is easily adjusted to adapt to different hoop depths. Spring tension adjustment requires no tools or getting on your hands and knees to make a complicated adjustment. Just reach down and twist the adjustment knob to your liking with ease. This pedal is designed for professionals and those looking for the highest in quality, accuracy, dependability. Battle tested and made in Chicago U.S.A. with the Limited Edition Black Widow finish. - BigFoot Longboard Design - Solid Billet Precision Machined Parts - Compression Spring Design - Split Cam Adjustability - Simple Knob Tension Adjustment - 5 Patents - Extreme Durability - Available in Direct or Chain Drive

Trick Dominator vs. Trick Pro1-V Comparison

Explore the differences between the Trick Dominator and the Trick Pro1-V bass drum pedals:

Trick Dominator:

  • Drive Mechanism: Unique "compression spring" drive mechanism for a smooth and consistent feel.
  • Beater: Often includes a reversible beater with felt and plastic sides for tonal variety.
  • Adjustability: Adjustable footboard height and beater angle to cater to playing preferences.
  • Performance: Known for quick response and precision, appealing to drummers seeking sensitivity.

Trick Pro1-V:

  • Drive Mechanism: "Rolling glide" direct drive mechanism eliminates drive shafts, belts, or chains.
  • Footboard Design: Includes "BigFoot" baseplate for enhanced stability and power.
  • Adjustability: Offers adjustable footboard height, beater angle, and pedal spring tension.
  • Performance: Renowned for speed, responsiveness, and consistent powerful performance.

Both pedals are designed for professional drummers seeking high-performance equipment, but the choice between the Trick Dominator and Trick Pro1-V may depend on individual playing styles and preferences.

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Who Uses Trick Pedals?

Professional drummers known for using Trick pedals include Art Cruz Lamb of God), Russ Miller (Session Great), and Tobias Ralph (Screaming Headless Torsos, Duncan Sheik)