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With a full range of frequency and sonic versatility, the STRATUS series is designed for the modern drummer. Crafted from B20 bronze and featuring STRATUS high impact hammering, this series features clear articulation, a warm wash and musical spread, and strikes the right balance between versatility and professional performance in a beautiful design. The 18 STRATUS China model was one of the most popular models during our extensive R&D collaboration with our dealers and distributors. It delivers a quick biting attack that isn't overbearing and has a fast decay. 
  • B20 Bronze
  • Quick and biting attack
  • Fast decay
  • Not overbearing

Comparing the China Cymbal

Should you add a China cymbal to your drum set? The China cymbal, with its distinctive appearance and unique sound, adds a touch of exotic flair to your drum setup. Here's why the China cymbal is a standout in the world of percussion:

  1. Striking Design: Easily recognizable by its inverted bell and upturned edge, the China cymbal stands out in both appearance and sound. Its unconventional shape adds visual intrigue to your drum kit, making a bold statement on stage.
  2. Tonal Anomaly: The China cymbal produces a sound unlike any other in the drum kit. With a sharp, trashy attack and a fast decay, it creates a burst of oriental flavor. Drummers often use it to accent specific beats or to add a dramatic effect to their playing.
  3. Effects and Accents: Drummers love the China cymbal for its ability to cut through the mix with a distinctive punctuation. Whether you're playing rock, metal, or experimental genres, the China cymbal adds a touch of drama and intensity to your beats.
  4. Stacking Possibilities: Drummers get creative with the China cymbal by stacking it with other cymbals to produce unique, layered sounds. Whether combined with crashes or splashes, the China cymbal opens up a world of sonic experimentation.

Adding a China cymbal to your drum kit is more than a sonic choice; it's a statement. Embrace the unconventional, let your beats take on an exotic edge, and discover the dynamic possibilities that the China cymbal brings to your drumming experience!