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Paiste 20 Inch FORMULA 602 Medium Ride Cymbal for Sale Online

Brand new from Paiste, this is a great medium ride cymbal for your drum set. The sound of the bronze cymbal is Full, rich, fairly bright and an overall solid 20 inch ride cymbal sound with a clear bell. Medium range, clean mix. Controlled and even feel. Very nice and sparkling stick sound supported by a breathy layer of wash that is great for studio recordings or live performance. Perfectly balanced. A dynamic all around cymbal for many musical styles played at moderate level. It is similar to a rock ride in brightness, especially at the 20 inch sized ride cymbal for drum sets. 

Formula 602 Ride Cymbal Features Review

  • Versatile Sound: Known for its versatile sound quality, the cymbal suits various music genres, from jazz to rock.
  • Rich Overtones: Delivers rich, warm overtones with a controlled sustain, making it a favorite among discerning drummers.
  • Clear Stick Definition: Offers clear, crisp stick definition, ensuring every note played is distinct and audible.
  • Dynamic Responsiveness: Exhibits excellent dynamic responsiveness, allowing for expressive play across soft to louder passages.
  • Classic Ride Cymbal Design: The cymbal's design is rooted in a classic aesthetic, appealing to drummers looking for a traditional yet timeless look.
  • Cymbal Durability: Constructed with high-quality bronze, it promises durability and a long lifespan under regular use.
  • Paiste Professional Use: Favored by professional drummers for live performances and studio recordings due to its superior sound quality.
  • Best of the Best: Part of Paiste's renowned FORMULA 602 series, which has a legacy of being used by some of the most iconic drummers in music history.

These bullet points highlight the qualities of the Paiste 20 Inch FORMULA 602 Medium Ride Cymbal that have made it a popular choice among drummers looking for a high-quality, versatile ride cymbal.

Manufacturer #: PACY0001041720