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10 PSTX SWISS HATS in Stock for Sale

Warm, rough, fuzzy. Fairly narrow range, complex mix. Fairly soft and responsive feel. Noisy open sound. Impure chick sound. Focused hi-hat for applications in electronic music, Hip-Hop or as an auxiliary hi-hat. The 10 PSTX SWISS HATS is a set of hi-hat cymbals produced by Paiste, a renowned Swiss cymbal manufacturer with a long history of creating high-quality percussion instruments.

Swiss Hat Hi-Hat Features and Configuration:

  • The 10 PSTX SWISS HATS is a pair of hi-hat cymbals designed to elevate your drum set with a crisp sound and become a crucial part of a drum kit's setup, especially with electronic genres. Like others, the Swiss Hi-hats are operated with a foot pedal and create rhythmic sounds when the two cymbals are brought together or opened.
  • These hi-hats are crafted to deliver a unique and distinctive sound to enhance your drumming experience. The "swiss cheese" aesthetic is not just for show and has been engineered to create a hi-hat clap that has a sharper sound closing and a raucous, wild range when open.

Paiste Swiss Hat Sound Character:

  • The 10 PSTX SWISS HATS are celebrated for their warm and complex tonal qualities. They produce a classic, traditional Swiss hi-hat sound that's expressive and versatile.
  • These cymbals offer a blend of bright, crisp tones and a smooth, shimmering character that makes them suitable for various music genres, including jazz, rock, and more.

PSTx Cymbals Have Versatile Applications:

  • These hi-hats are favored by drummers for their adaptability. They can be used to create a wide range of dynamic sounds, from tight and controlled beats to open and expressive rhythms.
  • Whether you're playing intricate jazz patterns, driving rock grooves, or exploring other musical styles, the 10 PSTX SWISS HATS can complement your performance.

PSTX Series:

  • The 10 PSTX SWISS HATS are part of Paiste's PSTX series, known for its innovative cymbal designs and distinctive sound options. This series is ideal for drummers seeking unique sound textures for their drumming setups.

Paiste Craftsmanship and Durability:

  • Paiste takes pride in its commitment to crafting high-quality cymbals. The 10 PSTX SWISS HATS are built with precision and durability to withstand the rigors of drumming, ensuring long-lasting performance.