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PDP Daru Jones New Yorker 4-Piece Kit Gold to Black Sparkle Fade w/DW 6000 Series Ultralight Hardware and Bags

The genre-bending drummer, Daru Jones, has lent his name to a PDP New Yorker drum kit that is as versatile as his resume! Gig-friendly, highly portable and fun to play, PDPs 4-piece Daru Jones New Yorker Drum Kit comes complete with DW 6000 Series Ultralight Hardware, and nylon bags for everything! The DJNY rig combines hybrid poplar/maple shells with short stack drum dimensions, for a kit that sounds remarkably big and warm for its diminutive size. And its striking appearance comes courtesy of a large-flake, Gold-to-Black Sparkle Fade lacquer finish.The DJNY kit sports our dual-turret lugs, DWs industry-leading True Pitch tension rods, world-class drum heads from Remo, and a bass drum mount with a low-mass, ratchet tom holder. Both toms are built with single-row lugs, and the snare includes the innovative MAG throw-off.Designed to mimic Darus own set-up, the Daru Jones New Yorker Drum Kit includes all of the following drums, hardware and carrying bags:5x10 Mounted Tom7x14 Floor Tom10x18 Bass Drum6x13 Snare DrumTwo DWCP6710UL Ultralight Straight Cymbal StandsDWCP6300UL Ultralight Snare StandDWCP6500UL Ultralight Hi-Hat StandDSCP6000UL Black Nylon Ultralight Hardware BagTwo Custom-Sized, Black, Nylon Drum Bags (fits all 4 drums)At PDP, we are proud to have Daru Jones name on a drum kit as unique as his playing. Daru would settle for nothing less and neither should you!

  • Hybrid Poplar/Maple Shells
  • Low-Mass, Ratchet Tom Holder on Bass Drum Mount
  • True Pitch Tension Rods
  • Includes DW 6000 Series Ultralight Hardware
  • Includes Black, Nylon Drum and Hardware Bags
  •  5x10rt, 7x14ft, 10x18bd & 6x13sd