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Gruv-X X-Mundo - Natural Satin

The “X-Mundo” is the second release from the cutting edge percussion accessory company, GRUV-X. Mundo (meaning“World” in Spanish) is an instrument that is meant to be the sound of a wooden shell and the side of a metal Timbale, mixed together. The most common rhythm in Afro-Cuban music called, the “Cascara” is a “Palito” rhythm (with small sticks, usually played on the side of the Female (Larger) timbale. When Timbales are not available, drummers often play this on the side of their floor tom. Of course, this lends itself to finish damage on the drum and not quite achieving the “Metallic” tone of the Timbale shell. Through extensive compositional analysis and prototype testing by Gruv-X designers and artists, the combination of American Rock Maple and Copper, was used to achieve this unique tone. The Mundo mounts with the proprietary Gruv-X, “Mono-Mounts”made famous by its predecessor the “X-Click” and fits on everysized drum, from a 10” 6-lug to an 18” 8-lug. It has a “Tone” hole in the upper half of the body that again, through much testing, was found to lower the pitch closer to that of the large Timbale shell. This Instrument is played on the side of the body with the stick, creating a new, 1/2 wood and 1/2 metal sound and protecting your floor tom’s finish.Check the Video!

  • Hybrid Formula of 24 Plies American Hard Rock Maple & Copper

  • Fits Drums from 10" to 18” in Diameter

  • Includes Machine Tooled Aircraft Aluminum Mono Mounts