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Gretsch Renown Limited Mahogany (22/12/16/14)

Gretsch Renown Limited Anniversary Mahogany Drum Shell Pack

Vic's Drum Shop is truly thrilled about this limited drum kit release from Gretsch. This limited release drum set is for the 2023 Gretsch Anniversary. The tom sizes and mahogany finish just scream "Vintage Gretsch Kit!" This unique mahogany drum set would level up any recording studio or event space. So many parts of this drum set are not only beautiful but also built to last. We absolutely love the 14" depth bass drum and the return of Die Cast Hoops (a true high end Gretsch trait that we were sad to see go when the Renown line was outfitted with the 302 hoop) to the Renown series. Check out the video of the 2023 Gretsch Renown LTD to see and hear his drumset in action for yourself.

Video Demo: 2023 Renown Limited

The Ultimate 4 Piece Mahogany Drum Shells

The first Gretsch Renown model was released back in 1948 and “Renown” has remained a staple in our vocabulary ever since. The latest evolution is the Renown Limited, a new design that showcases many features of yesteryear while staying true to the clean lines, stunning looks, and high-quality sound that drummers expect from the Gretsch Renown series. The new Renown Limited’s foundation is a 7-ply mahogany shell that’s finished in gloss lacquer and detailed with a Vintage Marine Pearl inlay. Longstanding features like traditional sizes, a direct-to-shell mount, die-cast hoops, and 30-degree bearing edges put the finishing touches on this celebratory kit. 

Add a matching 10" tom for $479


Gretsch 140 Year Anniversary Drum Kit
For our double platinum anniversary, this Renown Limited will only be in production throughout 2023. Celebrate 140 years of Gretsch Drums with us and add this extra special kit to your collection. This is a rare drum set with a limited run. 


Gretsch Renown Limited Anniversary Drum Set Features:

  • 14 x 22” mahogany bass drum
  • 8 x 12” mahogany rack tom
  • 14 x 16” mahogany floor tom
  • 7 x 14” mahogany snare drum
  • 7-ply mahogany drum shells
  • Beautiful Gloss Lacquer
  • Vintage Marine Pearl Inlay
  • Collector's Badge & Serial Number
The Gretsch Renown Limited Anniversary Mahogany Drum Shell Pack is a limited edition release. It has a 7-ply mahogany shell with a gloss lacquer finish and detailed with a Vintage Marine Pearl inlay. It also has traditional sizes, a direct-to-shell mount, die-cast hoops, and 30-degree bearing edges. It's a limited edition, so it's unlikely that you'll find it in stores. If you want to add this drum shell pack to your collection, you'll need to act quickly.