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Ahead Daru Jones Boom Beater Black Fleece Over High Density w/ Shaft

Official "BOOM Beater" Black Fleece over High Density W/Shaft

Daru Jones Signature Model Bass Drum Beater

The Ahead "Daru Jones Boom Beater" isn't just any bass drum beater; it's a game-changer in the drumming world, bringing that signature Daru Jones swag to your drum set. This bad boy wraps a high-density punch with a layer of black fleece, ensuring every beat drops with a deep, rich boom that's as stylish as it sounds. Let’s dive into what makes this beater a must-have for drummers looking to elevate their vibe and sound.

Boom Beater Kick Pedal Overview:

Crafted with the groove genius of Daru Jones, the Ahead Daru Jones Boom Beater is here to revolutionize your bass drum game. This isn't just a beater; it's an extension of Daru’s dynamic playing style, designed to bring a piece of his iconic sound right to your pedal.

Bass Drum Pedal Key Features:
  • Sleek Black Fleece: The cool black fleece isn't just for looks (though it absolutely kills in the style department); it softens the beat, delivering that signature Daru boom-bap sound with every tap and slam.
  • Rock-Solid Core: Beneath the fleece, a high-density core waits to unleash powerful, full-bodied beats, ensuring durability and a consistent punch that'll keep the groove going all night long.
  • Universal Shaft: Equipped with a versatile shaft, this beater fits seamlessly into any drum set-up, making it a snap to switch out and step up your pedal game. Daru Jones Approved: When you rock the Daru Jones Boom Beater, you're bringing a piece of the legend to your set. It’s engineered to meet Daru’s eclectic and high-energy performance standards, so you know it’s legit.
  • Turn Heads: With its standout look and sound, this beater doesn’t just make music; it makes a statement. Get ready for the spotlight—this beater isn’t for the shy.
  • Benefits: Versatility on Tap: From hip-hop to jazz and everything in between, the Daru Jones Boom Beater brings versatility to your kit, ready to adapt and slay in any genre.
  • Built to Last: Thanks to its robust construction, this beater is your loyal companion through endless gigs and sessions. It’s made to withstand the heat of intense performances.
  • Quick Setup: Swapping beaters shouldn’t kill the vibe. The compatible shaft means you can switch up your sound in a flash, keeping the beat (and the party) going.
  • Signature Sound: This isn’t just any signature piece; it’s your ticket to incorporating Daru’s unique sound into your performances, adding a layer of pro vibe to your beats.
  • Elevate Your Performance: Beyond its killer looks and sound, the Daru Jones Boom Beater inspires you to push your boundaries, experiment with new rhythms, and truly own the stage.

Daru Jones is the Vibe. Fleece is the Vibe. 

If you're all about bringing that Daru Jones energy to your kit, making your beats not just heard but felt, and turning your set into a style statement, then the Ahead Daru Jones Boom Beater is your next big move. Let's make history one beat at a time.