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Ahead 18" Spinal G Saddle Throne w/ Black Cloth Top/Black Sides (4 Leg Base)

Ergonomic Drum Throne with Spinal Tail Bone Support

The most comfortable and supportive drum throne that you'll ever own. This is the best drum throne for people with back pain. The Ergokinectic™ technology eliminates tail-bone compression and supports the way your body moves, by maximizing your flexibility around the kit while minimizing fatigue and stress to your shoulders, hips and back. Give your career the gift of longevity with the AHEAD Spinal-G Throne. 

Ahead 18" Spinal G Saddle Drum Throne FEATURES
• 18" black saddle velour seat top
• Black sides
• Thick memory foam cushion
• Split seat
• 4 leg base for heavy weight capacity
• Double-locking, threaded height adjustment to prevent slipping down
• Durable seat connector plate
• Allows the pelvis to move reciprocally in three dimensions
• Allows the tailbone (coccyx) to hang naturally versus being compressed against the seat
• Supports a more natural movement of the spine and shoulders while seated
• Limited 1 Year Warranty

CATEGORY: Spinal Glide
SEAT LENGTH: 18.00 inches
SEAT WIDTH: 15.00 inches
SEAT THICKNESS: 4.50 inches
WEIGHT: 15.90 lbs
HEIGHT RANGE: 18" to 24"