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Vintage Ludwig 9x13 Rack Tom Transition Badge WMP CH

Excellent Condition Transition Badge rack tom is all original as best we can tell with the exception of the heads. Muffler is complete and functional. Badge and grommet are in excellent shape though the badge does move a little if pushed. The wrap is tight and clean except for a little ding near the muffler knob. Chrome has some scratches and pitting but it's minimal and not unusual considering this drums age. There is a little rust on the tom bracket plate and on the muffler knob. Overall it's a beautiful well loved vintage drum. 

Ludwig 9x13 Rack Tom, Transition Badge, WMP, CH

Explore the unique features and details of the Ludwig 9x13 Rack Tom with Transition Badge, White Marine Pearl (WMP) finish, and Classic Hardware (CH):

Distinctive Vintage Piece:

  • The Ludwig 9x13 Rack Tom is a rare vintage drum that carries the charm and character of a classic era.
  • Featuring the iconic Transition Badge, it represents a specific period in Ludwig's history.

White Marine Pearl Finish (WMP):

  • The White Marine Pearl finish adds a touch of elegance and nostalgia to the drum.
  • A timeless choice that exudes vintage aesthetics, perfect for enthusiasts and collectors.

Classic Hardware (CH):

  • Equipped with Classic Hardware (CH) that complements the drum's vintage appeal.
  • Enhances the authentic look and feel of the drum, reminiscent of the era it represents.

Exquisite Sound:

  • The 9x13 size offers a focused and punchy sound, suitable for various music styles.
  • Experience the warmth and resonance that vintage drums are known for.

Collector's Item:

  • The Ludwig 9x13 Rack Tom, Transition Badge, WMP, CH, is not just a drum, but a collector's item that embodies history and artistry.
  • Perfect for drum enthusiasts, collectors, and those seeking to own a piece of drumming heritage.

Elevate Your Collection:

  • Adding the Ludwig 9x13 Rack Tom to your collection enriches your setup with a piece of drumming history and a touch of vintage elegance.