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USED Pearl Hi Hat Stand, 1980s

USED Pearl Hi Hat Stand

Introducing the USED Pearl Hi Hat Stand for sale by Vic's Drum Shop. This stand is in spectacular shape for its age and has some features that we wish were included on modern stands of similar weight class. 


  • Lightweight single braced legs with reversible leg spikes and rubber tips (Rubber tips are brand new)
  • Dual spring tension adjustment offers high tension settings to accommodate popular larger hi hat pairs
  • Radius rod base for compact travel
  • Memory lock at height adjustment joint to prevent slippage during play and assures accurate set up on arrival at the gig
***Double Pedal Players beware:  The legs on this stand do not rotate. ***

We have this item available for purchase online, in person, or via telephone. Our drum shop has a huge selection of Hardware from and alternatives. We carry instruments and gear for every type of drummer. Please give me a call if you have any questions about the USED Pearl Hi Hat Stand