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Musser M-17 Vibraphone Cord Mallets

DeadStock Musser M-17 Medium Blue Cord Mallets for Vibes

These are kind of cool because they are original Musser Mallets manufactured in La Grange, Illinois. These are standard vibraphone mallets with blue cordage tip. Includes the genuine original bag which has the item numbers for every Musser mallet ever produced. If you are shopping for vibraphone mallets for students these are great for Percussion 1 or Concert Band school list mallets. They say "Musser M-17" on the handle. 

Musser 2-Step Handle 1 Inch Mallets Product Information

Musser M17 Mallets feature a blue 1" diameter medium hardness blue wound cord head with 2 step handles that say M-17 on the side. The recommended use is for vibraphone players. These are percussion mallets that are standard for student required lists for beginner's and also sound great for jazz. Reliable vibes mallets of medium hardness.