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USED Gon Bops Crasher Deluxe, PCRDX

Gon Bops Crasher Deluxe, PCRDX is just the sound you need for fast accents and synth snare effects. 

This gently used instrument is complete and ready for action. Originally designed by famed metal instrument sculptor/fabricator Pete Englehart, the Gon Bops Crasher Deluxe is the pinnacle of the acoustic ribbon crasher/metallic clap sound effect.This version comes with both stainless steel and aluminum strips so that you can dial in the right combination of brightness and body. Mounted on a metal frame with a sturdy and secure
v clamp that will grab standard sized percussion and tom knurled arms.  

Model: PCRDX

Material:Raw Steel and Aluminum
Tone: A wide range from loud, cutting to Soft, white noise effects
Features: Includes two sets of blades (Stainless Steel & Aluminum)
Includes: V-Grip Mount