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Buy the TAMA Cobra Coil

Our replacement Tama Cobra Coil is on sale now. If you've never used one, it makes the foot pedal spring back faster and easier. The Cobra Coil is a steel spring which assists in the return of the footboard to its original position, so the feel of Speed Cobra becomes even more unreal. Even better the Cobra Coil can be adjusted to different positions, forward or backward, on the base plate.

The Tama COBRA COIL is positioned at the top of the footboard, and it provides a slight assistance in lifting the beater off the drumhead after each stroke. This design reduces the resistance of the pedal, allowing drummers to play faster and with less effort, as the beater quickly returns to its original position for the next stroke.

Tama, a well-known drum manufacturer, introduced the COBRA COIL as part of its efforts to improve the performance and playability of their bass drum pedals. The technology has been well-received by many drummers, particularly those who play fast and intricate footwork patterns.