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Ludwig SLING-WHITE 2 Inches Snare Drum Harness

Introducing the Ludwig SLING-WHITE for sale by Vic's Drum Shop. We have classic marching drum sling in white available for purchase online, in person, or via telephone. Our drum shop has a huge selection of Accessories from Ludwig and other drumline suppliers. We carry marching instruments and percussion gear for every type of drummer. Please give me a call if you have any questions about ordering drum slings from Ludwig. 

Industrial-Strength Construction Handles Intense Routines

Whether you're pounding out a complex solo or leading an entire marching band, the LF-382W Snare Drum Sling provides the strength and stability you require. The nylon material is built to withstand the stresses of continuous use while the robust hooks and buckles lock your drum into the desired position. Practice or perform with confidence knowing your drum remains securely fastened.

Fully Adjustable for Optimal Comfort While Drumming

Comfort is key to any musician's performance. The LF-382W Snare Drum Sling's adjustable straps provide the flexibility to tailor the sling to your preferences. Raise or lower the drum, tighten or loosen the straps and make any other adjustments needed to support your drum in a way that feels natural. Finding your perfect fit allows you to focus on your drumming technique instead of discomfort from an ill-fitting sling.

Quick and Simple Setup for Marching Efficiency

Complicated gear that requires excessive time to assemble and disassemble cuts into your practice and performance time. The LF-382 Snare Drum Sling is designed for efficient use with its straightforward attachment system. Secure the hooks, adjust the straps and you're ready to play. Breakdown after the show is just as quick. The convenient design enhances your productivity and helps avoid frustration over time-consuming setups and takedowns. If you are still reading this, and you are looking for a drum sling to march with, and it's NOT a bass drum, then go ahead and get this one! Look at the clips- just clip in and you can also adjust the way you have the drum resting or if you want to experiment with it.