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Trick Drive Shaft (DW Pedals)

Trick Drive Shaft for DW Bass Pedals on Sale

The most underdeveloped and overlooked part on a double bass drum pedal is often the linkage. Weak joints and low tolerances eventually lead to a weak response from your secondary pedal. Now you can upgrade your favorite double pedal with a Trick P1V6 Drive Shaft. Its unparalleled performance stems from our aluminum shaft outfitted with two of our patented ZERO-latency, ZERO-backlash, free-floating universal joints. Each joint utilizes four roller bearings with precision-ground press-fit pins in an ultra-light aluminum cage. This revolutionary design ensures your secondary foot gets the same accuracy and power as your primary foot. Length Range: 16" - 24.75"

Pedals from the Trick Drums brand, such as the Pro1-V, BigFoot, and Dominator models, are designed to work with the Trick drive shaft system. These pedals are specifically engineered to be compatible with the Trick drive shaft, offering enhanced performance and precision in your drumming setup. Incorporating a Trick drive shaft and compatible pedals can contribute to a seamless and efficient drumming experience, ensuring that your gear functions harmoniously for optimal results.