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Pearl Demon Drive Double Pedal Chain Drive Open Box

Demon Chain Drive Bass Drum Pedal by Pearl

The Demon Chain Pedal is an innovative combination of Demon Drive speed and traditional chain drive feel. Its advanced design and Patented features deliver quick response with a hint of power-focused resistance for the professional drummer. 

An innovative combination of Demon Drive speed and traditional chain drive feel, the Demon Chain’s Perfect Circle cam delivers smooth, consistent response throughout the stroke for pinpoint accuracy and control.

A high-performance package for the driven power drummer, its machined aluminum Z-Link Drive Shaft assures latency-free performance from both the Primary and Secondary pedals.

The P3002C can be adjusted to best suit your own individual playing style. Its DuoDeck convertible pedal board easily shifts from long board to traditional to dramatically change feel, and the Demon's modular design makes it configurable (and even expandable,) in a variety of single and double pedal set-ups in both right and left handed position.

FAQ Related to the Pearl Demon Drive


Ultralight Chain


Duo-Deck Convertible


Z-Link Machined


NiNjA Precision Skateboard Bearings 


Control Core




Infinitely Adjustable


Infinitely Adjustable

The P-3000C and P-3002C pedals come standard with Custom Carry bags.

What is a direct drive bass drum pedal? 

A direct drive bass drum pedal is a type of foot-operated mechanism used to drive the beater (the part that strikes the drumhead) of a bass drum. Unlike traditional chain or belt-driven pedals, a direct drive pedal connects the footboard directly to the beater without any intermediary linkage. This means that the motion of the drummer's foot is directly transmitted to the beater, resulting in a more immediate and responsive feel.

The key features of a direct drive bass drum pedal include:

  1. Instant Response: With no chain or belt to transfer the motion, direct drive pedals offer instant response and feedback. Drummers often appreciate this feature, especially when playing intricate patterns or fast double strokes.

  2. Smoother Action: Direct drive pedals are known for their smooth and fluid action. The absence of mechanical parts like chains or belts reduces friction, resulting in a more natural feel and less resistance during pedal strokes.

  3. Lightweight and Compact: Direct drive pedals are generally lighter and more compact than chain or belt-driven pedals. This design makes them easy to transport and set up.

  4. Adjustable Spring Tension: Most direct drive pedals come with adjustable spring tension, allowing drummers to fine-tune the pedal's response to their playing style and preference.

  5. Preferred by Some Drummers: While the choice between direct drive and chain/belt-driven pedals is subjective and depends on personal preference, some drummers prefer direct drive pedals for their unique feel and responsiveness.

It's essential to note that the choice of bass drum pedal is a matter of personal preference and playing style. Different drummers may have different preferences and find that one type of pedal suits their needs better than others. Trying out different pedals and finding the one that feels most comfortable and responsive to your playing style is crucial when choosing a bass drum pedal.