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Hot Rod DW 5000 Series Accelerator Double Bass Drum Pedal w/Trick Drive Shaft and Bag

Hot Rod DW 5000 Series Accelerator Double Bass Drum Pedal for Sale Online

Plus Free Trick Drive Shaft
Plus Free DW Bass Pedal Carrying Case
Plus Free Shipping


Optimize the performance of your 5000 pedal with the best drive shaft linkage on the market and we're giving it to you for $70 with purchase of the pedal. This is 1/2 the price it would cost you to add this drive shaft if you purchased them Separately.  This singular upgrade with turn your industry standard pedal into a super pedal without having to spend the money on a machined pedal. 

About the Trick Drive Shaft:

The most underdeveloped and overlooked part on a double bass drum pedal is often the linkage. Weak joints and low tolerances eventually lead to a weak response from your secondary pedal. Now you can upgrade your favorite double pedal with a Trick P1V6 Drive Shaft. Its unparalleled performance stems from our aluminum shaft outfitted with two of our patented ZERO-latency, ZERO-backlash, free-floating universal joints. Each joint utilizes four roller bearings with precision-ground press-fit pins in an ultra-light aluminum cage. This revolutionary design ensures your secondary foot gets the same accuracy and power as your primary foot. Length Range: 16" - 24.75"

Incorporating a Trick drive shaft and compatible pedals can contribute to a seamless and efficient drumming experience, ensuring that your gear functions harmoniously for optimal results.

AN INDUSTRY STANDARD GETS EVEN BETTER. The 5000 Series Bass Drum Pedals established DW's reputation for innovation and quality. But because innovation is part of our DNA at Drum Workshop, we thought it was time to engineer some major improvements into most successful pedals.Most notably, we have upgraded the toe clamp. We wanted our 5000 Series pedals to have more gripping strength, to provide a stronger connection between drummer and kick drum. So, we developed the Tri-Pivot Toe Clamp. The Tri-Pivot features three independent, 360-degree, rotating rubber pads that firmly grab almost any diameter and thickness of bass drum hoop, from the top and the bottom, with zero slippage. When combined with a new, textured, rubber pad on the base plate, and we think you'll agree... theres never been a better system for attaching a pedal to a bass drum.To improve on the top-flight smoothness and feel of the 5000 Series pedals, we added a Dual Bearing Spring Rocker, making the 5000 quicker and more responsive than ever. Finally, we added the dual-chain Accelerator drive system, with an eccentric motion that creates an indirect relationship between the sprocket and the footboard, shortening the length of the stroke, and increasing velocity and sensitivity.Featuring a host of refinements and upgrades, the legendary 5000 Series Bass Drum Pedals still feature aluminum hex shafts, pedal plates and linkages, our patented Delta Ball-Bearing Hinge, and the versatile Two-Way Beater. In addition, the 5002 double pedals incorporate our patented Single Post Casting design. This allows you to place the auxiliary bass pedal closer to your hi-hat pedal, letting you move your foot more quickly and easily between them, or even play them simultaneously. For DW's 5000 Series Pedals, the legend continues...DW: The Drummers Choice.(U.S. Patent Nos. 9240169, 5204485, 4756224, 5431081, 5578777, 5396826; foreign patents pending.)

  • Dual-Chain Accelerator Drive System
  • Tri-Pivot Toe Clamp (U.S. Patent No. 8330032)
  • Delta Ball-Bearing Hinge (U.S. Patent No. 5431081)
  • Dual-Bearing Spring Rocker
  • Single Post Casting Design (U.S. Patent No. 5396826)