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Vintage Barry Mfg. Companion Snare Drum Set

Barry Drum Manufacturing Company of Philadelphia

All Metal Separate Tension Snare Drum 3x13 (2.5x12.75) Piccolo Snare Drum

From the Barry Drums Mfg. Co. Catalog “E”

 “The Barry Companion Drum is especially designed and built to fit the same case with our 28” Collapsible Bass Drum. This permits the snare and bass drum to fit together in a case the size of a suitcase, thus combining the most wonderful set of drums on the world’s market.”


Product Code – E-122

 Package Includes: Snare Drum, Case, Head Protectors (2), Proprietary Hex Key


  • Throw off is not original and new holes were drilled to accommodate the current throw
  • Badge is missing
  • Heads are not original
  • Snares are not original