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Ghana Kpanlogo Drum Full Size Professional

Kpanlogo for Sale Online

We can deliver this drum to you or you can pick it up at our drum store in Chicago. This drum was hand delivered by the craftsman from Africa to it's original owner at JFK Airport in NY. It does not get anymore authentic than this. Perfect for a serious student or professional player.

Kpanlogo (pronounced "PAHN-loh-goh"), traditionally named Tswreshi or Treshi is a type of barrel drum that is associated with Kpanlogo music, and is usually played with two hands. The drum originates from the Ga people of the Greater Accra Region in GhanaWest Africa.

Kpanlogo is the name of a rhythm played on the tswreshi. The rhythm was composed around the 1950’s in the wake of Ghana’s independence, and became popular. It is known as Ghana’s signature rhythm. Because of the popularity of the rhythm, the tswreshi became widely known as the kpanlogo drum.

Kpanlogo are traditionally played by an ensemble of drummers, often in sets of six kpanlogo drums of varied size. DjembeDunun, and Gankogui usually accompany the kpanlogo.[1]