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Trick Custom AL13 6.5x14 Hand Engraved Snare Drum

Crafted in collaboration with Mike Morgan, these exquisite snare drums are truly functional art. At its core, a Trick 3mm Aluminum Shell, grain polished and anodized black. This shell is then placed in the hands of Mike Morgan who carves a beautiful pattern around the core. The drum is finished off with Trick Lugs, a GS007 Multi Step Throw Off, Triple Flanged Hoops, and a Milled Badge, placed above the Butt Plate in order to allow for as much engraving real estate as possible.This drum is sonically versatile, with a broad tuning range and a balanced tone, making it the perfect snare for nearly any gig. Paired with Mike Morgan's breathtaking finish work, why would you need any other snare drum