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INDe Studio Mod 5.5x14 Snare Drum Cherry

The INDe Flex-Tuned Maple drums we have been making for years are the perfect versatile drums for nearly anything. But, sometimes you just want a little more focus. So, we set out to create the ultimate modern studio snare drum. After exhaustive experimentation, we finally designed the perfect shell. We landed on a 6.5mm thick shell built on a 6 ply Poplar core that is sandwiched in either Cherry or Walnut. Poplar is perfect for this focused application. It is 1/3 lower density than maple but with a similar modulus of elasticity (a measure of “springiness”). This lets us build the shell thicker than our maple shells, but just as light. The choice of Walnut or Cherry slightly flavors the tone - Walnut is a bit darker, Cherry is a bit brighter. Whichever flavor you choose, Studio Mod drums are focused, responsive and give you the perfect recording tone, no muffling required!

• Shell: 6.5mm, 6 ply Poplar sandwiched in either Cherry or Walnut
• Snare Bed: Patented Infinite Snare Bed (US Pat. #10,699,682)
• 8 INDe double-ended lugs • INDe SB1 Snare Strainer and Butt-Plate
• Snare Wires: Puresound Custom 20-Strand
• Hoops: 2.3mm Triple-Flanged Chrome over Steel
• Heads: Aquarian Texture Coated over Aquarian Classic Clear Snare Side

Studio Mod vs Flex Tuned Maple