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Gretsch 6.5x14 USA Custom Black Copper Snare

Experience the Unique Sound of Gretsch Black Copper Snare Drums

Our Gretsch Black Copper snare drums blend the timeless qualities of classic copper shells with a distinctive twist. Here's what makes them extraordinary:

  • Premium Copper Shell: Crafted from 1mm thick copper, known for its warm and articulate tone.
  • Enhanced Control: A thin layer of black powder coating adds precise control to the drum's sonic character.
  • Unique Badge Logo: Laser engraved round badge logo reveals the copper shell beneath, a mark of craftsmanship.
  • Exceptional Hardware: Features die-cast hoops for durability and a Lightning throw-off for quick snare adjustments.
  • 42-Strand Snare Wires: Delivers a wide dynamic range for versatility across musical styles.
  • Convenient Key Holder: Snap-In key holder for on-the-fly tuning adjustments.

With its softer copper composition, these snare drums offer a harmonious blend of dry warmth, punch, and dynamic range. Perfect for a wide range of musical applications, they provide a player-friendly experience that drummers will appreciate.