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DW Performance Series Bop 3-Piece Shell Pack - Black Diamond Pearl

3-piece shell pack made from maple, with DW shell hardware and 18” bass drum

This DW Performance Series 4-piece shell pack is designed to be the go-to choice for drummers who want to experience everything DW is known for. That means obsessive attention to detail, custom-inspired design and an absolute refusal to cut corners. The Performance series features a new quarter turret lug, low mass die-cast claw hooks on the kick, new badges, a new DW logo head and select premium finish.

And that’s just the looks—most importantly, the Performance series has the sound players expect from Drum Workshop. It features easy-to-tune, superior HVX shells made from maple, with 45° bearing edges and Remo USA heads. Shell hardware includes suspension tom mounts and True Pitch tuning.
This 3-piece maple configuration consists of 12x8” suspended toms, 14x14” floor tom and 18x14” bass drum. Snare drum, cymbals and kit hardware are not included.Features
  • 3-piece maple shell pack with 18" bass drum
  • Maple HVX shells with back-cut 45° bearing edge
  • Quarter turret lugs and a new DW badge
  • Low mass die-cast claw hooks on kick
  • Triple-flange hoops and True Pitch tuning rods
  • Remo USA heads made for DW
  • Cymbals, hardware and snare drum not included
3-Piece Performance Series Shell Pack Specifications:
  • Bass drum(s): 18x14"
  • Tom(s): 12x8"
  • Floor tom(s): 14x14"
  • Total pieces: 3
  • Shell material: Maple
  • Bearing edge: 45°
Drum Hardware
  • Mounts: Suspended
  • Hoops: Triple-flange
  • Lugs: Proprietary
  • Heads: Branded
  • Country of origin: United States