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DW Collector's Maple Exotic 4pc Bop Shell Pack Red to Natural Burst over Birdseye Maple, Mint Condition

The Bass Drum, Floor Tom, and Snare were born in 2005. Rack tom added in 2022 Sizes are 7x12, 11x14, 15x18 and 5x14. The 2005 pieces have been den kept by the original owner and have never seen smoke, a stage, the inside of a car, truck, etc. The red to natural fade over birdseye is just beautiful. The 7x12 is brand new and color matched in 2022.

The toms and snare are absolutely as one would expect but there are lots of details regarding the Bass Drum. Yes, it is a converted floor tom and the conversion has been done with the utmost attention to detail.  

- The bass drum hoops were built and color match finished in 2022 in conjunction with with the construction of the 7x12 rack tom
- The spurs are NOT DW. The custom gull wing aluminum spurs were supplied by INDe Drum Lab. We chose these spurs for this kit because they are low profile, low mass, and allowed us to use the original FT brackets as spur mounts without requiring the use of a bass drum lift on the pedal side.
- The 3rd floor tom bracket is perfectly placed for the addition of a cymbal or accessory arm.
- The claws are NOT DW. They are beautiful high quality die cast claws with a smaller footprint than the DW hooks. On a smaller bass drum we really love how they allow more of the finish to show through.

- The rack tom is pictured with the STM (tom mounting bracket) removed for snare stand mounting and allowing that gorgeous paint job to show through. The STM is included in the sale. 

Ask us about cases and hardware. We'll cut you an awesome deal!