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USED Eames 6.5x14 Master Series Snare Drum, Concert Mod, 1980s

This 1980s vintage drum began it's life as a drum set snare drum and was converted to concert/symphonic use. 

Beautiful Condition Eames Master Series Birch Snare drum has had it's throw off replaced, has been upfited with Pearl Super Hoops and Patterson combination Steel and Blue Coated snare wires. The snare side hoop has had the bottom side of the snare pass through removed to allow the full length snare set to drop completely and silently when the throw off is disengaged. 

The lacquer finish is in excellent shape with just a few small nicks that are invisible from more than a foot away. For some inexplicable reason the throw and butt plate were moved to opposite sides of the drum creating 4 unnecessary and unused extra holes in the shell that have been filled with nuts and bolts. 

This would be an excellent jobbing snare drum for a classical pro or serious student. It may not have all of the bells and whistles of todays multi throw concert snare drums but the sound is absolutely top notch. The drum is outfitted with a Yamaha throw-off switch that I believe is original to the drum despite it having been moved from it's original position.