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TAMA Metalworks "Effect" Series 14"x3" Snare Drum

The Metalworks "Effect" snare drums add unique snare sounds to your drum kit. By dampening the snare with a ring mute, this 14"x3" snare has fat low-end sound with a short sustain. The Mod-Tone system allows you to precisely adjust the snare wire tension smoothly. The snare can be easily placed anywhere on the drum kit with the included MC69 single tom attachment.

  • 14"x3"
  • 1.0mm Steel shell
  • Matte Black finish
  • Matte Black shell hardware
  • Mod-Tone System w/ Snare Wire
  • 6 Hole 1.6mm Triple Flanged Hoops in Matte Black Finish
  • Tom Brackets Equipped, MC69 Single Tom Attachment Included