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Upcycled Zildjian A Rock/ZBT Mod 14" hh pair

We have been playing around with Hi Hat modifications and this pair turned out great. We often get asked to put rivets and tambourine jingles on bottom cymbals of hi hat pairs and we're not really sure what the player gets out of that mod. It's barely audible to the player and if the hats are miked from the top, it's not getting to the house or the recording either. Our solution is to modify the top cymbal so that the jingle effects are truly audible to the player and the mic giving the players the opportunity to refine their playing technique to really get the best result from the modifications. This particular set featuring an A Rock bottom under a modified ZBT top offers a loud and bright response from both stick and foot pedal combined with a pleasing wash when the cymbals are played loose. Check out the audio link attached.

The features:

Greatly enhanced volume and attack when playing with the foot pedal Enhanced Jingle sound when playing with the pedal or foot

Maintained stick definition and articulation when played with the cymbals closed

Reasonable offers considered.