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With a full range of frequency and sonic versatility, the STRATUS series is designed for the modern drummer. Crafted from B20 bronze and featuring STRATUS high impact hammering, this series features clear articulation, a warm wash and musical spread, and strikes the right balance between versatility and professional performance in a beautiful design. These hats deliver an articulate attack with a warm semi dark spread. The medium light top and medium heavy bottom are the perfect combination for crisp clear attack with a touch of airy spread.
  • Strong foot chick
  • Warm wash
  • Crisp clear attack
  • Good articulation

Sabian Stratus Cymbals Shopping Review

Sabian Stratus cymbals are a professional quality series designed for modern drummers. These are professional pieces of kit crafted from B20 bronze and featuring STRATUS high impact hammering. B20 bronze is an alloy of copper and tin, with a ratio of 80% copper and 20% tin. It's also known as "bell bronze". The alloy from which a cymbal is made has a major influence on its sound. The resonance and decay of the Stratus cymbal is especially noticeable in a recording studio. Adding more tin to a bronze alloy darkens the tone, and leads to a sonically richer-sounding cymbal. Due to the intense and meticulous process for crafting the Stratus Hi-Hats, these cymbals have a full range of frequency and sonic versatility. They have clear articulation, a warm wash, and a musical spread.

Check out the full line of Sabian Stratus Cymbals available at Vic's Drum Shop in Chicago.