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Gruv-X X-Mag Sizzle

Gruv-X Percussion launches yet another amazing innovation in percussion accessories... The “Extreme-Magnet” Series (or “X-MAG” Series). The first in this huge series of accessories, is the “X-MAG-Sizzle”.A powerful “Neodymium” magnet holds three different tonal EFX for any cymbal. Two different sizzle chains and a set of dual-Steel jingles, are interchangeable for modern cymbal effect sounds.Working directly with Gruv-X Artist Sammy Merendino, this truly unique addition to any drum set has been created, adding sizzles and EFX without the need for drilling the cymbal. Combine them all, or use them one at a time.The combinations of tones from one cymbal is endless! Check the Video!

  • Replaces Felt on Any Cymbal to Add up to Three Effect Choices

  • Strong Neodymium Magnet Holds Effects Off of the Playing Surface

  • Includes Set of Jingles and Two Sizes of Beaded Chain