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Evans SoundOff 14" Snare/Tom Mute

Evans SoundOff 14" Snare/Tom Mute

Introducing the Evans SoundOff 14" Snare/Tom Mute for sale by Vic's Drum Shop. If you are using it on a snare drum we recommend turning the snares off while you are practicing and it will be more quiet. This SoundOff drum mute works for toms or snare drums. We have this item available for purchase online, in person, or via telephone. Our drum shop has a huge selection of Practice Accessories from Evans and alternatives. We carry instruments and gear for every type of drummer. Please give me a call if you have any questions about the Evans SoundOff 14" Snare/Tom Mute or how to setup a drum set practice space. 


EVANS SoundOff Mutes significantly reduce volume while you practice on your traditional drum set. SoundOff Mutes provide excellent stick response and are durable enough for the heaviest hitters. SoundOff Mutes are available for purchase in pre-configured packs or as individual mutes.

Evans SoundOff Tom Mute Features:

  • Slip-on drum mute that dramatically cuts down the sound of your tom
  • You can use your drumset to practice more quietly!
  • Cuts down sound beautifully while providing realistic stick rebound
  • Durable synthetic material holds up to regular practice sessions

SO14 Specifications

  • Type: Drum Head Mute
  • Size:14 Inch diameter circle
  • Material:Synthetic
  • Quantity: 1 snare drum mute
  • Evans Part Number: SO-14