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Humes And Berg Galaxy 12x14 Bag

Buy the Humes & Berg 12x14 Galaxy Bag for Drums Online

Safeguard your drum in this Humes and Berg drum bag, designed to provide a snug and secure fit. 

12x14 Galaxy Bag Features:
  • Robust Nylon Exterior: A rugged nylon shell, coupled with half-inch interior padding, effectively safeguards your drum, preventing scuffs and scratches.
  • Durable Double-Stitched Zipper: The drum bag boasts a double-stitched zipper equipped with durable steel teeth, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable closure mechanism.
  • User-Friendly Zipper Pulls: Featuring extra-large zipper pulls, you can easily locate and grasp them even in dimly lit stage environments.
  • Convenient Shoulder Strap: Select models come with an included shoulder strap, providing you with the freedom to carry other gear while keeping your hands unburdened.