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Repairs & Drum Head Replacement

Vic's Drum Shop in Chicago, IL offers drum and percussion repair services & drum head replacement and tuning for a wide variety of instruments. We can refurbish vintage drums and also restore broken and worn instruments. 

Chicago Area Drum Repair & Drum Heads Replacement

Drum head replacement is superfast with Vic's Drum Shop. In addition to the drum heads online in our store, we can custom order drum parts and percussion hardware. We offer drop-off repair services and quick while-you-wait drum head replacement by appointment in person at the shop now located at:

Vic's Drum Shop
5688 N. Northwest Hwy
Chicago, IL 60646
By appointment to

We can replace every type of drum head and more! 🥁🪘

Would you rather send in your instrument? To inquire about repair by mail for drums and percussion instruments, please email us at

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These are the most common types of drum head replacement:

  1. Batter Head Replacement: The batter head is the top head of the drum that you strike with sticks or mallets. When replacing the batter head, you'll need to remove the old head, clean the bearing edge, and then install the new head. Batter heads come in various options like single-ply, double-ply, coated, clear, and specialty heads, each producing different tones and characteristics.

  2. Resonant Head Replacement: The resonant head, also known as the bottom head, is located on the underside of the drum and affects the drum's sustain and tone. Replacing the resonant head is similar to replacing the batter head and requires careful tuning to achieve the desired sound.

  3. Snare Drum Head Replacement: Snare drums have specific drum heads designed to work with the snare wires on the bottom side. These heads need to be replaced similarly to batter and resonant heads but with attention to the snare wires and strainer mechanism.

  4. Bass Drum Head Replacement: Bass drum heads are larger and have a port hole for inserting a microphone or allowing some sound to escape. They come in various styles, such as single or double-ply, with or without dampening rings. Replacing a bass drum head involves detaching and reattaching the drum's front head, which can be a bit more involved than other drums.

  5. Tom Tom Head Replacement: Tom toms, also called rack toms, have drum heads that need replacement as well. They are available in different sizes and materials, giving you various options for sound and performance.

  6. Replacing Specialty Dum Heads: Besides the standard heads mentioned above, there are specialty heads designed for specific purposes, such as brush playing or specific musical genres. These heads may have unique textures, coatings, or materials.

  7. We Replace Mesh Heads: Mesh heads are made of a synthetic material and are often used for electronic drums or practice pads. They are known for their quiet playing and durability.

When replacing drum heads, it's essential to choose the appropriate size and type of head based on the drum's dimensions, musical style, and personal preference. Additionally, proper tuning is crucial to achieving the desired sound and getting the best performance out of the new drum heads.

Call or email to arrange your percussion instrument repair ↙️

Vic's Drum Shop
5688 N. Northwest Hwy
Chicago, IL 60646
By appointment to

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What are the most common repairs needed for percussion equipment?

Percussion equipment, like any musical instruments, can require various repairs due to wear and tear, accidents, or environmental factors. Some of the most common repairs needed for drums and percussion instruments include:

  1. Drum Head Replacement: Drum heads, especially batter heads, are subject to frequent wear and can get damaged from regular playing. Replacing worn-out or damaged drum heads is one of the most common and routine repairs for percussion instruments.

  2. Cymbal Repair: Cymbals can crack or develop keyholing (a hole in the center caused by improper mounting). Professional cymbal repair or replacement may be necessary to restore their sound quality and performance.

  3. Snare Wire Replacement: The snare wires on snare drums can become worn or damaged over time. Replacing the snare wires is a common maintenance task to ensure the snare drum produces a crisp and responsive sound.

  4. Bass Drum Pedal Repair: Bass drum pedals, especially those used for heavy playing or in high-intensity musical styles, can experience issues with springs, bearings, or hinges. Regular maintenance and occasional repairs may be needed to keep the pedals functioning properly.

  5. Hardware Repairs: The hardware on percussion equipment, such as drum stands, racks, and mounts, can loosen, break, or experience wear. Tightening, replacing, or repairing hardware components is a common repair for drum kits and other percussion setups.

  6. Djembe Rope Replacement: Djembes and other rope-tuned drums use a system of ropes to tension the drum head. Over time, the ropes can wear out or break, necessitating replacements to keep the drum playable.

  7. Bearing Edge Repair: The bearing edge is the part of the drum shell where the drum head makes contact. Damage to the bearing edge can negatively affect the drum's sound and responsiveness. Repairing or re-cutting the bearing edge may be required to restore optimal performance.

  8. Bass Drum Port Hole Repair: Bass drums with port holes for microphones or sound enhancement can develop cracks around the port. Repairing or reinforcing the port hole may be necessary to prevent further damage.

  9. Electronic Drum Pad Repair: Electronic drum pads can experience issues with sensitivity, responsiveness, or electronic components. Repairing or replacing faulty parts can restore the pad's functionality.

  10. General Maintenance: Regular maintenance tasks like cleaning, lubricating, and tuning all types of percussion instruments are essential to prolong their lifespan and ensure they perform at their best.

It's important to note that while some repairs can be done by the instrument owner, others may require the expertise of a professional instrument technician or luthier, especially for intricate repairs or delicate instruments. Regular maintenance and proper care can help prevent more significant issues and extend the life of percussion equipment.

Chicago Area Drum Repair and Drum Head Replacement