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    • Sabian Sabian Signature 14" Jojo Mayer Hoop Crasher
    • Sabian Signature 14" Jojo Mayer Hoop Crasher

      The Hoop Crasher is made from premium Sabian B20 Bronze Hi-Hats, and not from worn, recycled cymbals like similar devices from imitators. The top flotation ring is punched with 32 holes for lightness and lift, while the bottom ring is designed with an Air

    • Sabian Sabian Sizzler Cymbal Stack
    • Sabian Sizzler Cymbal Stack

      This stack looks almost as good as it sounds. We say “almost”, because it sounds so sick it has the power to stop loud guitars dead in their tracks. A thin, dry Sick top over a nasty, aggressive XSR China serves up sizzling-loud attack that is sure to ple

    • Sabian Sabian HH 8" Radia Cup Chime
    • Sabian HH 8" Radia Cup Chime

      Designed for Terry Bozzio. These small, pitched bells offer color within any set-up.<br><br><b>The HH Series</b><br>Vintage Dark - Traditional hand hammering creates the ultimate Vintage Dark tone.

    • Sabian Sabian  7" Alu Bell
    • Sabian 7" Alu Bell

      Cast from aluminum, this musical effect produces a soft, bright and sustaining sound.<br><br><b>The Series</b><br>

    • Sabian Sabian B8 10" Chopper Cymbal
    • Sabian B8 10" Chopper Cymbal

      Innovative 3-layer design fits on a cymbal stand, and delivers super-fast white-noise responses, making this a great effect for playing rhythms and accents in drum and percussion set-ups.<br><br><b>The B8 Series</b><br>Bright - The ideal first step into b

    • Sabian Sabian XSR Fast Stax Cymbal
    • Sabian XSR Fast Stax Cymbal

      Designed with a thin 13” X-Celerator top fitting snugly over a wide-lipped 16” Chinese bottom, this sizzlingloud effects stack delivers plenty of clarity and attack.<br><br><font color=“white”>2o17


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