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    • LP LP Aspire Trap Table
    • LP Aspire Trap Table

      Great for band and orchestral percussionists<br><br><b>Features:</b><br>• Large 22" W x 16 D is rubber padded to ensure quiet instrument handling<br>• Raised border keeps instruments from rolling off the edge<br>• Sturdy, chrome-plated stand is height

    • LP LP Rubber Conga Feet
    • LP Rubber Conga Feet

      Rubber feet lift drum off the ground for additional volume and bass.<br><br><b>Features:</b><br>• Four feet are connected by an adjustable cord<br>• Raises conga 1-inch, creating a solid and stable playing position<br>• High grade rubber will not scrat

    • LP LP Sound Enhancer; Jingle
    • LP Sound Enhancer; Jingle

      More than ever, drummers are experimenting with new and unique sounds. LP’s Sound Enhancers effortlessly attach to any flanged counter hoop to offer more sonic possibilities, instantly.
      LP Sound Enhancers come in three unique styles; the Jingle

    • LP LP One Handed Triangle
    • LP One Handed Triangle

      Another example of LP Innovation, the One Handed Triangle can be played with one hand, allowing more complex rhythm patterns (including rolls) and open and muffled playing.<br><br><b>Features:</b><br>• 8" medium pitch triangle in easy-to-play one handed

    • LP LP Raw Trash Snare
    • LP Raw Trash Snare

      Built around a galvanised steel dustbin lid, the LP Raw Series Trash Snare is filled with synthetic beads and outputs a trashy, sizzling snare-like sound. Developed in collaboration with percussionist Dende, this versatile drum can be played on both sides

    • LP LP City Bongos
    • LP City Bongos

      LP City Bongos

    • LP LP Jam Tamb
    • LP Jam Tamb

      LP introduces the Jam Tamb for drummers that hit hard and want an impressive and responsive tambourine sound in their arsenal. The Jam Tamb’s durable Jam Block design is equipped with six pairs of nickel-plated steel alloy jingles that projects a bright,

    • LP LP Professional Castanets w/Handle, Double, Rosewood
    • LP Professional Castanets w/Handle, Double, Rosewood

      Multi-percussionists and drummers appreciate the convenience of LP's handle mounted castanets which make them easy to pick up and play at any point in a song

      $31.95 $30.99
    • LP LP Fiber Maracas
    • LP Fiber Maracas

      LP Fiber Maracas come in matched pairs and have a the steel-ball fill for a loud crisp sound. The round, plastic shell design is perfect for the “swirling” sound created when the maracas are turned upside down and lightly rotated in a circular motion<br><

    • LP LP Brazilian Brass Cuica
    • LP Brazilian Brass Cuica

      The Cuica is a Brazilian friction drum that is often used in Samba music of all kinds. It features a stick that is fastened inside the drum in the center of the drumhead. Changing the pressure on this stick produces different pitches and timbres.<br><br><

    • LP LP Torpedo, Small
    • LP Torpedo, Small

      Another LP original, the Torpedo can scraped for a classic gu?ira sound and shaken at the same time for an additional sonic dimension.<br><br><b>Features:</b><br>• 15.5" stainless steel body filled with LP's exclusive shaker material<br>• Torpedo scrape

    • LP LP Small Claw For Percussion
    • LP Small Claw For Percussion

      The unique design of the LP Claw provides a variety of placement options for accent cymbals, accessories and microphones. The contoured jaws, with rubber-lined mounts fit tightly to both standard drum rims and all LP rims.<br><br><br><b>Features:</b><br>•

    • LP LP Salsa Cha Cha Cowbell
    • LP Salsa Cha Cha Cowbell

      LP Salsa Cowbells are hand crafted in the LP tradition and are specifically designed to produce a lively sound for use in Latin music. They are great additions to any percussion or drum kit, adding new colors to any style of music.<br><br><b>Features:</b>

      $30.95 $8.75
    • LP LP Steve Gadd Mambo Cowbell
    • LP Steve Gadd Mambo Cowbell

      LP Cowbells are handmade in the USA and crafted from premium quality steel with specially developed tooling. Every LP Cowbell is hand inspected to check the consistency of metal thickness, the durability of construction and the precise position of welds.

    • LP LP Aspire 12-1/2 Djembe Head
    • LP Aspire 12-1/2 Djembe Head

      Genuine goat skin head provides organic feel, look, and tone.


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