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Guide to the Parts of a Drum Set for Beginner's

If you're just starting your journey learning to drum or trying out drumming the first time, understanding the different parts of a drum set is essential. A typical drum set, also known as a drum kit, consists of several components that work together to create a rhythmic masterpiece. Let's explore the key parts of a drum set and then shop online for drum sets in stock at Vic's Drum Shop in Chicago, IL. Drum Sets are usually sold with the drums separate from everything else, but we can help you make sure to get everything you need for a complete drum set. 

1. The Bass Drum (aka Kick)

The bass drum is the largest drum in the kit and is played with a foot pedal. It is the lowest tone out of the drums in a drumset. It provides the deep, booming heartbeat of the rhythm.

2. Your Snare Drum

The snare drum is perhaps the most iconic piece of the drum set. It has a set of wires, called snares, stretched across the bottom head, which creates a distinctive snappy sound vibrating when struck. 

3. The Tom-Toms

Tom-toms come in various sizes and are used to produce melodic and rhythmic patterns. They're typically mounted above the bass drum or on a separate stand. A floor tom is a large tom tom, usually the largest of the toms and therefore the lowest of the tones, except for a bass drum in a drum kit and has it's own stand.

4. Hi-Hat Cymbal Stack

The hi-hat consists of two cymbals that can be opened and closed using a foot pedal. It's a fundamental element for creating various rhythms and accents. In a right-handed drumming setup the hi-hat is played with the left foot. One of the most easy to lose parts of a drum set is the clutch which consists nuts and washers and felts that screw together and allow you to be able to play the hi-hat cymbals with your foot. Having an extra clutch comes in clutch. 

5. Crash & Ride Cymbals Plus Toys

Crash cymbals produce explosive, crashing sounds, while ride cymbals create a steady, consistent tone. These cymbals add depth and character to your beats. This is also where your cowbell or splash cymbals or other wild customizations come into play. Why not add a triangle to your drum set? 

6. Drum Set Hardware

Drum hardware includes all the stands, pedals, and mounts that hold your drum set together. This includes the snare stand, cymbal stands, and event individual lugs, nuts and bolts of each part of the drum set.

7. Your Drum Throne

Thrones, also known as drumming seats or stools in not only where you sit behind the drums, but also dictate how much you can move and how long you can play.

  • When you are adjusting your drum set hardware, don't forget to include the throne by making height adjustments for yourself as well as checking the tightness of the nuts 'n' bolts of the throne.
  • Modern drum thrones prioritize ergonomics, comfort, and perferences and are available in various styles and designs to suit different needs and budgets.
  • Choosing the right throne is essential for maintaining good posture and comfort while playing.

Understanding these components is a great starting point for any aspiring drummer. As you grow in your drumming skills, you'll explore more intricate setups and experiment with different sounds. The must customizable parts of the drum set are the snare drum and bass pedals, and those are the first parts of a drum set that drummers buy separately.

The Beat of Your Own Drum

All that said, never be afraid to follow your own sounds and build a drum set full of whatever inspires you. If you are truly a beginner, you can even start with a pair of drum sticks and begin practicing playing the drums on basically anything around you. (please don't quote us on that)

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