Victor Salazar

Born and raised in Chicago, Victor has been immersed in music from his earliest days. His lifelong love of music was initially fostered by his parents who have always had a strong love of music themselves. With tastes that range from rock ‘n roll to pop to Rachmaninoff and Mariachi, they have kept a constant beat alive in their home and lives. No surprise that by the time Victor entered grade school, he had already become interested in learning to play an instrument himself.


Like most musicians who are drawn to drums when they see that first mesmerizing performance, Victor fell for drumming after attending a grade school talent show. All it took to plant the seed was a trio made up of a drummer, bassist, and a dancer doing a James Brown and Michael Jackson impersonation. The impact they had was a profound one and from that point, Victor knew that he would become a drummer himself.


Though it was the first live performance that he had ever seen, Victor knew that this group had something special going on. He recalls that, “these kids were ridiculously good! They had a great presence and stage energy and the drummer just blew me away. His groove and feel spoke directly to me and he was obviously having a blast. I knew then and there that drums were the instrument for me.”


Victor Salazar

“It never ceases to amaze me that so many other drummers share a similar experience. And it’s kind of funny that even though we have all been influenced by the greats, it was usually just an average sort that got the fire lit. One of my wishes today is that I could find that guy to thank him for the impact that he had on my life.”


Throughout the years of playing with his bands “Big Electric” and “The Chinese Professionals” and working in the industry itself, Victor has been able to develop a network that includes some of the world’s greatest drummers. His vast knowledge of drum gear and his own personal experience have made him a Go-To guy for many world class drummers seeking both his assistance and advice.


Todd Sucherman of Styx writes, “I’ve known Victor since the mid ’80s and I’ve watched him become a celebrated personality within the industry. Equally comfortable behind a kit or out in front in the business world, his passion for all things percussion is contagious. His knowledge of music, musicians, and gear is vast and it’s always going to be a great conversation with him. He was the catalyst behind me and actually took steps to produce my ‘Methods and Mechanics’ DVDs, and for that I will be forever grateful.”


It was only logical that Victor would move into his own shop. With its opening, Vic’s Drum Shop brings a dedicated drum and percussion store back to the city of Chicago. Located in the Music Garage, a world class rehearsal facility, the store reflects Victor’s work ethic and passion for drums and everything percussion. Victor openly admits, “I love the instrument, I love the gear, and quite frankly, I don’t know how to do much else – so it’s a good thing that I am doing something I truly love.”


With over 30 years of experiences in the industry, there is nothing that Victor and his hand-picked team can’t cater to when it comes to drums. As he likes to say, “It’s the people that make the difference! Yes, our prices are the best and our selection is incredible, but ultimately it comes down to the people-and our people are the best!”